NamBama Trading Group is one of the suppliers of various types of processed stone in different dimensions of slabs, tiles and antiques to domestic and foreign stone markets.

NamBama Trading Group offers all kinds of marble, granite, travertine, limestone, travertine, crystal, quartz, Alabaster for stone warehouse, mass builders and owners of construction projects at factory sales.

Stone Trading Group consultants with us are ready to work with stone customers for ease of stone selection and are cheap via SMS or social networks Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Instagram at +98 9912802311 .

Call +98 9912802311  to purchase a stone from 8 am to 22 pm on weekdays.


Products available at Slab Exhibition with us:

Golden Dragon Marble Slabs

Golden Rose Marble Slabs

Mica marble slabs

Cappuccino marble slabs

Silver Puerto Marble Slabs

Elegant marble slabs

Wavy Persian Marble Slabs

Camellia marble slabs

Emperor Light Marble Slab

Rose Lavender Marble Slab

Mahkam marble slabs

Black marble slabs wild wave

Golden Black marble slabs without fossils

Marshall marble slabs

Najaf Abad Marble Slab

Emperor Dark Marble Slabs

Golden Black Fossil marble slabs

President's marble slab

Ice quartz marble slabs

Waterfront Marble Slabs

Wave Multi-Colored Marble Slabs

Corrugated multilayer marble slabs

Soda Light Granite Slabs

Golden Pocket Granite Slabs

Wisconsin White Granite Slabs

Triabianka Granite Slabs

crystal Ski Slabs

Kashmar Chinese Slabs

Azna crystal Slabs

Oligoders Slabs

Qorveh Crystal Slab

Takab Travertine Slabs

Chocolate travertine slabs of Takab

Dehshir chocolate travertine slabs

Silver Travertine Slab Takab

Silver Travertine Slabs of Kashan