Mining hibernation with limited parts import

Mining hibernation with limited parts import

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Stone Industry News


Stone Industry News

Reportedly Iranian Stone reference،Abdulreza Salehi, secretary of the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Mining, Construction and Road Heavy Machinery, stated about the limitation and stoppage of ordering parts and equipment for mining machinery.:

In the current situation, in addition to currency problems, imports of spare parts and machinery equipment have been constrained by what is likely to be a domestic production of these parts, with the continuation of the trend in the near future for machinery to collapse and thus halt mining activity. Will follow.

He further added that the self-imposed sanctions and restrictions on imports of parts caused the machinery to be out of warranty due to lack of parts and impose high costs on the miner. However, companies and resellers have been unable to support and provide standardized service due to the lack of spare parts, and have caused discontent among the beneficiaries of these machines.

NewsIndustry ُStoneSalehi pointed to the impossibility of internalizing many spare parts and mining equipment and said: "It should be noted that its manufacture is not economically advantageous for a small number of manufacturers, while continuing to be the largest mining machinery manufacturer in the country." Depends on the import of more than 2% of parts.


NewsIndustry Stone The secretary of the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Heavy Mining Machines pointed to the negotiations with the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Economics of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade.

Stone industry news in negotiations and correspondence has been warned, in addition to concerns about currency issues, about the collapse of cars and machinery and the halt of mining production as a result of import halts,...

Industry News Stone However, despite the letter and request of the Deputy Minister of Commerce to facilitate the registration of import orders, the import of mineral components has unfortunately been postponed due to the lack of internalization by the Director General of the Automobile Industry and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Commerce.

Previously, Jafar Sarkhini, Deputy Minister of Mining of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, sought to restrict the import of mineral machinery and road construction from the group of vehicles and to provide conditions for the importation of mineral machinery into luxury vehicles. The arrival of the latest inorganic technologies to the country was announced and said

News Stone industry The Iranian Mines House is currently planning to revitalize the abandoned 6 mines, and due to the lack of production of some models and models of mining machinery, it is necessary to facilitate the entry of some of these machines to the country....

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